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Medical Salon and Pharmacies Pod Lwem (The Lion)

Pharmacy Pod Lwem is a dream of my childhood, a dream that was created thanks to the passion of my great-grandmother Daria. For as long as I can remember, she had always  been accompanied by the smells of various herbs, and on her beautiful country cooking plate always bubbled various brews.

Daria Dmitruk was born on June 26, 1886 in the village of Ryboły. The reality in which she lived  was significantly different from today’s world: there was not television, pharmaceutical companies, etopyrine and Mrs Goździkowa. Beautiful Narew meadows served as a full variety of pharmacy pantry. Wormwood, St. John’s wort, mint, linseed and horse sorrel helped with digestion problems. The linden blossom acted as sudorific tisane and strengthened the respiratory tract. Nettle and horsetail eased rheumatism, lowered blood sugar, strengthened hair. Yarrows, birch buds flooded with alcohol and lycopod healed wounds, and elder eased coughing.

This was my first pharmacy. Dreams floated in the clouds for a long time. The following years I studied at the Medical University of Bialystok, did first internships and worked in pharmacies. Finally, on August 12, 2000, in the newly opened Lekmed Center at 19 Ogrodowa Street in Bialystok, my husband and I realized my childhood dream – I opened the Pharmacy Pod Lwem ( The Lion) . This Lion, my dear Patients, is a wish for strength and health for you. It is a symbol of dignity and steadfastness that we need so often in difficult times of illness.

Ogrodowa 19 with a lion in the coat of arms has attracted great interest from the very beginning. This was due to the wide range of specialist medicines, quickly made drugs and – what can be said more – the staff taking care of the patient. The trust you have placed in us, supported by the number of your visits, caused that over the years we  opened more Lion locations – on  Antoniukowska and  Pilsudski Street. Since September 2019 we have also invited you to Łąkowa 3!

Since January 2012, we have been helping cancer patients in our Medical Salon located at 2 Modlińska Street. We provide everyone in need with the opportunity to take advantage of the wide offer of medical, rehabilitation and orthopedic supplies.

When we opened  the first the Lion Pharmacy on Łąkowa Street, we thought about the needs of all our patients. The youngest are invited to the play area where they can  also  learn English.

If you are interested in the condition of your skin, a qualified team of pharmacists will offer you help   in determining its form and choosing appropriate, high-quality dermocosmetics. Exhausted patients can catch a moment of breath on numerous chairs. In addition, what is standard at the Lion’s – we offer efficient service, kind advice, consultation under pharmaceutical care and medicines, the purchase of which will not raise your pressure.

Invariably, our main goal for years has been to provide all patients with uninterrupted access to specialized preparations:  for oncological medicines we invite you to Ogrodowa Street. At Antoniukowska Street we have the widest range of products to use in fertility problems. At Piłsudski Street  we focus on diabetic treatment, while at Łąkowa Street we produce the highest quality ophthalmic prescription drugs at the express pace.

We would like to remind you that we also provide advice by e-mail and phone – just write to aptekapodlwem.info@gmail.com or call 608 558 111.

I hope that, together with you, dear Patients, we will be able to save the charm of old times, human dignity, fragrant meadows and carefree childhood.

See you soon! I am here for you!
MSc in pharmacy Lilla Stankiewicz

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